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Triple Threat Brunette

Blue Toning Mask $8.99

Deep Conditioning

Bringing out the best in brunette, Not Your Mother’s Blue Toning Hair Masque works to reduce brass and neutralize unwanted orange tones, while deeply conditioning and hydrating your hair for a softer feel.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Color Safe
  • Fights Brass
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Extend your color from the comfort of home

Formulated with blue tansy oil and plant-based protein, this blue hair mak deeply conditions and softens hair, while allowing you to keep your color longer.

  • For natural, dyed, and highlighted brunette hair
  • Deep blue pigments reduce brassy and fight against orange tones
  • Deeply conditions and softens
  • Amber woody scent
Blue Toning Mask
"This Not Your Mother's Triple Threat Brunette blue toning hair masque is amazing. First of all the smell transports you to a place of calmness, I really loved the scent! It is blue but will not stain anything in your bathtub/shower. Was fun to apply. I felt it made my hair color pop and brightened it and it also felt a bit smoother to me. I am adding this to my regimen."
Blue Toning Mask
I have dark brown hair with a hint of yellow from when I use to bleach my hair. I have used this a couple times and my hair looks and feels better. I love that it doesn't make my hair feel gummy and smells fruity.
Blue Toning Mask
Not your mothers triple threat toning hair mask is so effective for toning out those orange tones. It’s extremely moisturizing and a extremely amazing value for the quality of this toning mask for your hair. I’m truly amazed at the effectiveness of a toner for such a great affordable price.

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