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Curl Talk

Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil $8.99

Nourish & Shine

Let your curls do the talking with Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Scalp and Hair Treatment Oil. This superfood-infused, penetrating scalp and hair oil works double time for your curly hair as both a styler and a moisturizer. Live it up, curls.

  • Gluten Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Protein Free
  • Enhance Shine
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Nourish dry hair and scalp

Formulated with our Superfood Oil Blend—a nutrient dense combo of Avocado, Buriti, and Marula oil—as well as Sunflower Seed oil for extra hydration. 

  • Nourishes scalp and hair shaft
  • Seals in moisture 
  • Adds shine
  • Long-lasting frizz control
  • Protein free
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • For all curl types
  • Citrus jasmine scent

How to Use

Styling Routine
Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil
This oil adds shine and locks in the moisture in my hair. Free from sulfates, surfactants, silicones, Parabens and drying alcohol. These are what I look for when using a hair product. I would definitely recommend to my curly hair bros and sis
Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil
I have seen such an improvement in my hair and scalp! My scalp is more nourished and healthier looking. My hair looks great and my curls have never looked better! I highly recommended it! Curly hair can get dry and your scalp can take a beating this product really saved my hair.
Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil
All I can say is wow!!! This stuff is a miracle worker! I’m natural and I have very tight curls! This stuff makes my scalp feel soooo refreshed and hydrated after just one used I highly recommended it

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