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Blonde Moment

Purple Toning Mask $8.99

Deep Conditioning

Blonde locks deserve special treatment and Not Your Mother’s Purple Toning Masque delivers. With its dark violet pigments that reduce brassy and yellow tones, this mask works to keep color fresh while deeply conditioning, moisturizing and softening your hair.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Color Safe
  • Fights Brass
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Extend your color from the comfort of home

Formulated with dark violet pigments, violet rice extract and murumuru seed butter, this purple hair mask softens hair while kicking brass.

  • For natural or dyed blonde, highlighted and gray hair
  • Dark violet pigments reduce brass and fight against yellow tones
  • Deeply conditions and softens
  • Fruity floral scent
Purple Toning Mask
First of all, this container is ginormous. 8.5 fl oz is enough for the foreseeable future! Second, it delivers just enough purple to take the brassiness out of my (dyed) blonde hair, but not deposit so much you look like an old lady that uses bluing. I keep it on my hair about 5 minutes and use it 4-5 times a week. It really helps extend my color and keeps me from running to the salon every 6 weeks! And the scent is nice a subtle. I'm a big fan!
Purple Toning Mask
This toner is great! Not only does it turn my hair an icy blonde it also keeps my hair moisturized and strong. It smells great too! Highly recommend for any blonde needing a quick tone up job! Great product.
Purple Toning Mask
I absolutely love this Blonde Moment Purple Toning Hair Masque. it has a great smell as well texture (hand feel) I also love the way it made my hair super soft as well as super hydrated. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a amazing hair masque.

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