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Coconut Milk & Agave Nectar

Conditioner $8.99

Essential Moisture

Reclaim your hair's moisture with Not Your Mother’s Coconut Milk & Agave Nectar Essential Moisture Conditioner. The restorative, ultra-hydrating coconut milk & agave nectar conditioner naturally adds and retains essential moisture while detangling strands, transforming dull and dry hair into softer, shinier locks. Your hair will be looking lustrous without all those harsh chemicals.

  • 98% Naturally Derived
  • Color Safe
  • bonding technology All Hair Types
  • Moisturizes
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Restore and retain your hair’s moisture

  • Deeply conditions without build up
  • Helps restore essential moisture
  • For all hair types
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Sweet coconut scent