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From Scalp Health to Big Blowouts – Hair Trends for 2024

05 of February, 2024
From Scalp Health to Big Blowouts – Hair Trends for 2024

Resolutions? What resolutions?

When the year is brand new and shiny, it’s easy to make all kinds of New Year’s resolutions. With Fashion Week and all the awards shows inching closer, it becomes less about changing who you are and more about embracing the catwalk and celeb trends. In other words, these stunning hairstyles are there for you to add to your personal style.

Not Your Mother’s 2024 Hair Predictions

NYM’s stylists and scientists create products to enhance your hair and help you to create the looks (lewks?) you’re lusting for. In the coming months, we predict you’re going to be seeing a lot of these.

Blowouts + volume: While we’re not great fans of the red-hot name for “the mob wife aesthetic,” we really did always envy Carmela Soprano’s. So wave goodbye to the Coastal Grandmother look that dominated last year, and get ready for big shoulders, long nails and amazing hair.

Get the look: Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter. Don’t worry if your hair is as flat as a week-old cannoli, all you need is a spritz of volume. Made to be used on either wet or dry hair, simply rub some product in your palms and then apply where you need a bit of volume. If you really want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Soprano’s in style, consider using a diffuser to amp up the curl factor.

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Super healthy hair: If you’re not in the mood of teasing your hair into a shape that’s tall and lacquered, you’ll be happy to know that we’re entering the era of healthy hair. That means that all that dyeing and highlighting won’t damage your hair as long as you use a formulation that helps build up the bond in your hair. We love the way our Tough Love collection (that includes an Intense Bonding Treatment, Bonding Shampoo & Conditioner and a Bonding Leave-in Protector) works together to repair hair and keep the look of shine and elasticity. Use every time you shampoo your treated hair to protect bonds from breakage and repair severe damage.

Embrace your natural beauty: Well, hello there giant curls! If you have tiny coils or mammoth ringlets, you want to make sure that your natural look helps you look your best. One of our favorite products in the entire Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk collection is the Activating Mousse. It’s easy to use and packs a powerful pump.

Get the look: Shake vigorously and make sure to dispense the mousse upside down. And be generous with your squeeze. Work a golf ball size dollop through your curls. Start at your roots and work slowly and carefully. Style as usual, whether you use a diffuser, pin in place, or use a satin headscarf for maximum silkiness.

Keep things balanced: You can’t have a perfect style if your scalp is oily or covered with flakes. Too much product means too much buildup, and a scalp microbiome that’s out of whack. Not Your Mother’s invigorating Balancing Act shampoo is vegan, sulfate-free free and dermatologist-tested to help balance your scalp microbiome and keep your scalp fresh and your hair fabulous. We also highly recommend trying NYM’s Detoxifying AHA Exfoliant which improves both flakiness and dryness.

From Scalp Health to Big Blowouts – Hair Trends for 2024

Volume, Healthy Hair, and the Natural Look

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From Scalp Health to Big Blowouts – Hair Trends for 2024