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Curl Talk

Scalp Mist $8.99

This no-rinse, quick-drying scalp mist helps absorb daily sweat, salt buildup and environmental odors at your roots, without stripping curls of necessary moisture. Instead, it provides an immediate clean and cool sensation to keep your scalp (and styles) fresh between wash days.
  • Protein Free
  • for all curl types For All Curl Types
  • bonding technology Absorbs OIl
  • neutralize odor Neutralize Odor
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A no-rinse, quick-drying scalp and curl refresh with a clean and cool finish

This gentle, no-rinse refreshing scalp spray is formulated with Witch Hazel & Rosemary—an herbal blend that combines the benefits of cleansing and soothing properties to help absorb sweat, product buildup, and odor without stripping your curls of their moisture.  
  • A no-rinse scalp refresher
  • Formulated with Witch Hazel & Rosemary to help absorb excess buildup, sweat, and odors while providing a soothing, cooling sensation
  • Doesn’t dry out curls or cause frizz 
  • Lightweight, gentle cleansing means you can use it anytime
  • Perfect to use after workout session and in between washes 
  • Drying alcohol free 
  • For all types of curly hair 
  • Citrus jasmine scent 

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