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Be a Beach Babe Year-Round

07 of December, 2023
Be a Beach Babe Year-Round

Beachy good looks no matter the weather

The weather outside is frightful, but your hair really looks delightful. As you pull out that parka for the winter season, we’d like to remind you of one very important thing: You can look like a total beach babe no matter the season. Wait, what?

We now know that all bodies are bikini bodies. Well, guess what? All hair can look summer spectacular even when it’s snowing outside (try saying that three times fast!). You don’t have to live near the ocean or even own a swimsuit to look like you (and your hair!) have spent quality time at the beach.

Sneaky tips for beachy beauty

While most people complain about the way that winter weather makes them look blah, we like to instead embrace ways to look sun-kissed. And that goes for beach babe hair too!

These are some of our favorite hacks for looking sun-kissed instead of wind-blown.

Lighten up. If you’re like us (and pretty much everyone on earth!), your hair tends to turn a few shades darker during the winter months. If you miss the look of highlights, you don’t have to wait until beach weather returns. We think it’s a great idea to get a little help adding some light to your locks with Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Blonde Hair Lightener. And while the instructions say to spritz in and allow direct sunlight to create highlights, we’ve noticed a sneaky way of lightening your hair as well. Well, two sneaky ways.

Hot tools help.

While we usually offer tips on how to pamper and protect hair from heating tools, in this case we recommend a bit of styling to help add streaks. Simply spray in Blonde Hair Lightener throughout your hair (or in the places you want added brightness) then use your flat iron or blow dryer to add a bit of heat to amplify lightening. When highlighting hair, use an overnight treatment like NYM Overnight Serum Cream to protect the look of your newly lightened locks.

It's okay to exaggerate the ends.

Here’s a really sneaky hair tip we love. Try spraying even more Blonde Hair Lightener to your ponytail or the tips of your hair. That hair is technically the oldest on your head. The hair way at the end of your head (as far away from your roots as possible) has already gone through some seasons and styling and is probably lighter than the hair at your roots. By concentrating at the ends of your hair, you’ll have better-highlighting results. And if you end up over-highlighting, you can always snip off any parts that look too light.

A look we love with lighter ends is a bun or chignon where the light ends are twisted into a sexy bun at the nape of your neck.

Or try braiding your highlighted hair for a stylish ombre effect.

Top with a cute hat, and mostly blonde will show!

Amp up the texture. If you love beachy hair as much as we love beachy hair, you’ll have noticed that unlike perfect blow-outs, beachy hair is all about the waves, volume and texture. If you’re too lazy to wash your hair, and still love the idea of cute styles that look like you’ve been surfing, we have some suggestions.

Related: How to use sea salt sprays for beautiful beachy waves

Create a wave: One of the easiest ways to look like a beach babe is with soft mermaid waves. And it’s surprisingly easy to achieve. Simply wash and condition hair and then spray Not Your Mother’s Beach Baby Sea Salt Spray through hair starting at the mid-length (avoid the roots of your hair). You can scrunch to create waves of any size, or use a diffuser to add volume. Or if you want a boost of waves, spray onto dry hair, scrunch and go.

Related: Styling your hair with Dry Shampoo

Hit refresh: Our NYM Influencers are all about using our dry shampoos as styling products. We approve.

If your hair is looking a bit wilted, you can refresh your roots – or style your hair with Beach Babe Dry Shampoo.  Shake can vigorously and make sure to hold the nozzle at least 8 inches away from the roots of your hair before spraying onto roots only. Allow to very slightly dry at roots (for only a few seconds) before massaging in thoroughly with your fingertips before brushing thoroughly.

And there you have it! Gorgeous beachy hair, even if there’s a blizzard in your area.

Surf paste.

Oh, how we love NYM Beach Babe Texturizing Surf Paste styler. Whether you want to create that just came from a swim look (apply to wet hair and then style) or prefer extra texture and hold (use on dry hair and work through using your fingers) this paste has you covered. You can even rub a tiny bit between your fingers to smooth down any unruly cowlicks or highlight kiss curls near your ears or on your forehead.


Be a Beach Babe Year-Round

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Be a Beach Babe Year-Round