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Blue Shampoo: A Brunette’s Best Friend

01 of September, 2021
Blue Shampoo: A Brunette’s Best Friend

What does blue shampoo do?

We specifically formulated our blue shampoo – Triple Threat Brunette™ Shampoo - with water-soluble blue pigments that deposit onto hair to effectively reduce any orange or brassy tones for natural or dyed brunette and highlighted hair. It’s also based on a gentle surfactant system, which means it’ll do what shampoos do (cleanse) without drying strands. Say hello to maintaining salon fresh color in-between visits!

Triple Threat Blue Shampoo in Use

How does blue shampoo work?

You’re probably wondering why such a shampoo exists. It’s simple science! But, to make a long story short, it’s all based on color theory. Think back to the color wheel you saw in art class as a kid. If you look closely, blue and orange are directly opposite of each other on that wheel. When combined, these two colors “cancel” each other out, leaving behind the neutral tones we know and love in our hair color.

Why does brass occur in the first place?

Because bleach. The cuticle of the hair is “opened” so that some of the pigments (what gives your hair its natural hue) may be removed to make your desired brunette/lightened color possible. And even though that process of removing those pigments is really successful, there are always some leftovers in your hair shaft. We have those leftover pigments that won’t go anywhere to thank for that warm brassy, orange tinge that marks a fresh bleach job. It’s easy in the salon chair to combat that brass through application of a toner, which ensures that the brass is kept at bay and target color has been achieved. You leave the salon looking and feeling fresh as ever, with no sign of brass anywhere.

And then life happens. AKA repeated washing, heat styling, UV exposure... you name it. That new ‘do (that probably cost a pretty penny) and toner begins to fade, revealing those brassy-orange pigments that have stuck around all this time. For those with darker or brunette base shades, your brass will resemble a more orange tonality. By working our Triple Threat Brunette™ blue shampoo into your weekly wash routine, you can bust that brass without breaking the bank.

For lighter base shades that yield a markable more yellow vibe – opt for our Blonde Moment™ purple shampoo, instead!

How do you use blue shampoo?

While the whole color theory process may be a tad confusing, using Triple Threat Brunette™ Shampoo is not. We suggest incorporating a blue shampoo into your routine by occasionally using it in place of your regular shampoo. Just like your go-to shampoo, you know the drill on how to use it, too – lather and work into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly and follow with your favorite NYM conditioner.

How often should you use it?

How often to apply will depend on how much you wash your hair with regular shampoo. Maybe that’s once a day or once a week. For you and your brunette, you can land anywhere in-between the two. Frequent washing can lead to notable brass a little faster than those who wash less. It’s pretty safe to say this - The more times you’re getting your hair wet, the more often you’re going to need to tone. We recommend starting by using our blue shampoo 1-2 times a week or as needed.

More products in the Triple Threat Brunette range:

For deeper toning and conditioning, use Triple Threat Brunette™ Mask

For those days in-between washes, use Triple Threat Brunette™ Dry Shampoo with a hint brunette tinted powder so that you can remove the excess oil with no worries about white residue.

Blue Shampoo: A Brunette’s Best Friend


Triple Threat Brunette combats orange tones to maintain your fresh brunette color.

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Blue Shampoo: A Brunette’s Best Friend