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Grad Styles for Under the Cap: Hair Hacks from Your Virtual Big Sister

30 of April, 2024
Grad Styles for Under the Cap: Hair Hacks from Your Virtual Big Sister

Grad hair advice from your new bestie and virtual big sister

As you join the Class of 2024 in getting ready to graduate, I’m here to offer some hair hacks and hair advice. Who am I, you may ask? I’m your best new hair bud.

Allow me to explain. I’m your virtual big sister here to help you with all your urgent hair and life needs.

One of the things I love most about the world we live in right now is being able to choose your intentional family. The best friend you trust with your darkest secrets. The social media pal who comes through every time you need someone to listen to you gripe. The former boyf who is much better as a sounding board. Those are the people we choose to be closest to – and I’m excited to be that for you too.

And if you never knew someone who knew everything about everything – especially hair, you’re about to find out how great it is to have me as the new big sister in your life.

And so today I’m going to tackle the idea of grad cap hairstyles with you. Because you deserve to look gorgeous on your big day. And whether you’re the valedictorian or just managed to scrape by, as your big sis, I’m proud of you. But back to my genius in giving great hair advice.

Under-the-cap hairstyles for different hair types

Graduation caps aren’t necessarily flattering, but they do make a really great point. You. Are. Graduating! Now all you have to do is figure out how to keep your hair looking amazing under the cap.

  • Long-ish straight hair: I’m kind of partial to a long braid or a sexy, messy bun worn at the nape of your neck. Since I’ve always been the hair genius in our crew, I’m going to let you in on a little tip. No matter what your hair looks like when you step out of the shower, you can instantly smooth, detangle and even protect your hair from heat styling. I’m partial to using Not Your Mother’s All Eyes On Me™ 10-in-1 Hair Perfector, after I shampoo and condition (are you taking notes? This is very helpful advice I’m sharing!) Simply spray on clean, damp hair from mid-length to ends (make sure to avoid the roots or you’ll look like you have a case of the greasies). Style as usual. You’ll notice that your braid is easier to plait, and your chignon is easier to style.
  • ALL the curls: There are few looks as cute and angelic as a mass of curls peeking out from under a graduation cap. So, sis, as you get ready to style your coils and curls, may I suggest using the NYM Curl Talk collection as part of your routine? Okay, I wasn’t really asking. I’m suggesting. I know that you can sometimes use only one product or another, but graduation is a big major deal. I’m going to say that you should use the Curl Talk Gentle shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner. Depending on the weather (hello, June humidity!) you might want to try a light application of Curl Talk Sculpting Gel (use your hands to work product through your curls). If you plan on dancing the night away (of course you do), you should probably try the hard stuff. Curl Talk Hard Hold Gel will keep your waves wavier all night long.
  • The styling fan: I know how much you love your blow dryer, but on graduation day you really need to take better care of your hair. Even if you feel compelled to tease/curl/straighten or blow out your hair, you need to protect it first since your hair might not love all that heat styling. You should check out Beat the Heat Heat Spray before you start tormenting your tresses. Seriously. No matter what you do to your hair, it won’t look damaged.

Incidentally, as your extremely wise older sister, I know you’ll love all these products since they’re cruelty free, sulfate surfactant free, paraben free, silicone free, drying alcohol free and otherwise good for the planet and your hair!

How to style your actual graduation cap

No matter how dorky you think your cap looks when you try it on at home, it will look pretty amazing at graduation. Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Practice a few different styles at home
  • Bring along bobby pins or cute sparkly barrettes to secure your style or add a bit of bling to your look
  • Ask your friends if they plan on throwing their graduation caps in the air after the ceremony is complete. Be sure to write your name in your cap so you know it’s yours, or write a cute message to your friends.
  • Loosen any bobby pins before the grand cap toss or you might end up pulling your hair instead of tossing your cap in the air.
  • One last thing- plan for a post-cap hairstyle. Your hair might look flat or overly floofy since you’ll have styled it just for graduation. Bring along some mini styling products to help revive your hair!

 And since I’m older *and*  wiser than you, these are a few Things to avoid on graduation day:

  • Don’t color or highlight your hair right before graduation. Give yourself some time to get used to a new look.
  • Don’t try any brand-new skin products or go for a facial right before graduation. You might be allergic to something and end up breaking out.
  • Don’t eat any new seafood or spicy foods. You really don’t want a massive stomachache to ruin your big day.
  • Avoid wearing a brand-new dress or outfit. Try it on first – does it itch or scratch or make you sweat? Pick something flattering and comfy to wear.
  • The same goes for overly high heels. You might be walking on grass to accept your diploma. You don’t want to literally sink in front of everyone or wear shoes that make you hobble.
  • And finally – don’t try out new makeup before graduation. That blush might sink into your cheeks and your vampy eyeliner could run down your face. Do a test run first.

One last thing. Change can be scary, but that doesn’t mean that everything in your life is going to change at once. And I know that I tease you a lot, but we’re all so proud of you and all graduates, whether you’re graduating from high school or college. And this would be a good time for me to remind you that you are smart, and you deserve good things! And that means a day that celebrates you and everything you’ve accomplished over the past few years. So let’s just worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, and just enjoy your big day!


Remember, we aren’t always perfect, but our hair can be,

X’s and O’s from your big sis and biggest fan


Grad Styles for Under the Cap: Hair Hacks from Your Virtual Big Sister

Hair Advice for Grads from Your New Big Sis and Virtual Bestie

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Grad Styles for Under the Cap: Hair Hacks from Your Virtual Big Sister