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Is the Side Part Making a Comeback? Over 2,100 of You Think So!

08 of March, 2024
Is the Side Part Making a Comeback? Over 2,100 of You Think So!

Side Style

Love the look of a side part? You’re in good company. NYM fans on Instagram participated in our recent poll on the topic. The results are in with thousands of Not Your Mother’s users voting for side parts being a classic look 2024 hair trend.

Even though Gen Z announced that side parts were no longer in favor a few years back, the world of style is primed for a side part takeover.

Side Parts in the Spotlight

We noticed Tik Tok star Alix Earle’s shiny, healthy hair at the Grammys styled for maximum volume in a diva-worthy side part. In a getting ready video, Earle described her deep side part as a “side swoop-y type of thing.” We loved her look, but can even see an elevated side part with stick on crystals along the part or randomly stuck onto waves (using easily removeable eyelash glue).

During the Super Bowl, Beyonce delighted fans with a sneak peek of her new country song Texas Hold ‘Em. To celebrate, Bey also debuted a brand-new ‘do with flowing blonde locks parted – you guessed it – with a voluminous side part. No flyaways in sight on Bey’s perfect part!

Different Ways to Style a Side Part

So is a side part more of a nostalgic look a la Lauren Bacall, or is it a trendy hair style? The answer is yes! While a side part pays homage to the days of classic movie bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, it’s also an of the moment look that’s almost universally flattering. A side part also looks great with any hair color or texture.

We suggest any of these cute ideas for on-trend side parts:

  • Deep side part. Don’t be timid! Sculpt the look of your side part by either going very deep (we’ve even seen cool side parts that start close to your ears!), or by using products that show off the actual parting.
  • Side part with baby hair. If you feel like a side part is a bit too much contrast for your scalp, try adding baby hairs at your temple, or pull through a few tendrils for a softer look. A quick spritz of NYM All Eyes On Me Hair Perfector will control all frizz, detangle, and moisturize. It will also add a bit of extra interest to the pieces you choose to show off most.
  • Side part with updos. If you pin up your hair for special occasions, consider changing your part. Leave the middle part behind and start by creating a side part and pulling hair back into a ponytail, or pin at the base of your skull for a chignon. For an extra playful look, move your bun or ponytail to the same side of your side part. If you want to add volume without stickiness, try using NYM Plump For Joy Root Powder. Since you’ll be pulling hair back, you’ll want to add a bit of lift to your style before parting.
  • Messy side part. Bedhead is a state of mind, and parting your hair imperfectly to the side is a sexy nod to that look. A messy side part is less about perfection and more about the idea of a side part. So don’t get upset if your part isn’t perfect – it doesn’t have to be. Start styling by applying Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Activating Mousse to damp hair starting at the roots. Use the end of a styling comb to create a side part. You can even work to create it at an angle, so it’s not perfect or too done. Like all NYM products, the entire Curl Talk line is sulfate surfactant free, paraben free, silicone free, cruelty free, and drying alcohol free.
  • Elevated side part – just add sparkle. We mentioned Alix Earle’s big night out side part above. But for a wedding or dinner, we love the idea of adding a bit of bling to your side part. Comb your hair and part to one side. Use eyelash glue (or pre-glued crystals, flowers or pearls made to be used on hair) to add random bits of shimmer to your hair. Another fun way to add a bit of oomph is to apply a bit of Not Your Mother’s All Eyes On Me 3-in-1 Wax Stick directly on either side of your part. Use an eyeshadow brush to paint on sparkle using a frosted eyeshadow or blush.





Is the Side Part Making a Comeback? Over 2,100 of You Think So!

Side Parts Are Here to Stay.

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Is the Side Part Making a Comeback? Over 2,100 of You Think So!