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Post-summer hair in need of repair? Curl Talk's avocado oil to the rescue!

29 of August, 2022
Post-summer hair in need of repair? Curl Talk's avocado oil to the rescue!

The summer sun can wreak havoc on your curls. Then again, so can over-styling and under-conditioning. While we’re at it, aggressively using a hot iron to get those perfect beachy ways can cause hair stress and breakage. While damage to your hair can be most noticeable during the summer months, you might want to give your hair a deep moisture boost regularly. If your hair needs some extra love at any point during the year, applying hair oil or a deeper hair oil treatment is always a great option. One of our favorite ingredients for deep conditioning curls is avocado oil. And we happen to like our avocado oil formulas to pack an added bit of zing.

Our avocado oil is extra amazing

Here's something you may not know. Not Your Mother’s enhances our avocado oil-based products with a bit extra in the form of a superfood oil blend. Our proprietary blend is jam-packed with Avocado, Buriti, and Marula Oil which are all known to soften, strengthen and add mega shine to hair that needs a bit more attention. We also use this cocktail of fruit oils in our best hair mask for curly hair and our curly hair leave-in conditioner. And because we believe in pampering your hair for you, our avocado-based line is sulfate surfactant free.

A power trio of nourishing oils

And in case you’re wondering about our trio of hair repair oils:

  • What’s the deal with avocado oil? While you can theoretically mash an avocado and create a hair mask, you’ll create a huge mess in the process. Instead, try a product infused with avocado oil to combat dry and brittle hair.
  • What’s Buriti oil? If it sounds exotic, it’s because it is. Buriti oil is made from the nutrient-rich fruit of a Brazilian palm tree. Buriti oil is an excellent gloss and shine treatment that repairs the look of dull hair.
  • What makes Marula oil so special? Marula fruit grows on trees in southern Africa. Marula oil is unique since it softens hair without leaving a greasy residue.

We combine all three oils into an avocado-centric oil that adds gloss without weighing hair down.

A deep dive into deep moisture with avocado oil

We all have different hair types and different needs. And that’s why wavy or coily hair needs a different type of pampering than baby fine hair - at least most of the time. After dunking your head in a pool filled with chlorine or sitting out in the sun without a great big hat, it’s possible that no matter your hair type, it’s in need of urgent repair. And that’s where our avo-mazing products come in!

Get the grit out: If you feel like there’s still sand stuck in your hair from all that time lazing at the beach, it’s time for a scrub. A scalp scrub, that is. Curl Talk Exfoliating Scalp Scrub is gentle on your hair, but also gets the gunk out like extra styling products. After or wetting your hair, use the applicator to create sections in your hair and apply directly to your scalp. Massage in and then rinse.

Gently remove buildup: If all that product in your hair caused your curls to droop and lose their shine, Curl Talk Scalp Cleansing Oil to your routine. Use the applicator to apply to your scalp and then massage in. You can either rinse immediately or follow with shampoo.

Go deep: If you have the time to indulge, use Curl Talk Deep Conditioning Curl Mask the next time you shampoo. Better yet, if you’re heading into a soothing bath, wash and rinse your hair and then apply evenly on your wet hair. Allow the steam to help the mask penetrate for as long as you’re soaking.

Detangle for days: If your hair feels extra knotty, Curl Talk Leave-In Conditioner has double the benefits. Spritz on and then comb through your curls (yes, really!) or spray on to protect your curls from heat treatments.

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Treat your tresses: If your curls are droopy or have lost their shine, add a bit of Curl Talk Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil to your styling routine. Start off by pouring a dime-sized amount into your palm. If you’re not comfortable using oil on your hair, start with a pea-sized drop. Massage into your hair and scalp and style.

Post-summer hair in need of repair? Curl Talk's avocado oil to the rescue!

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Post-summer hair in need of repair? Curl Talk's avocado oil to the rescue!