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Summer Scalp Care – Because Great Hair Means Taking Care of Your Scalp Too!

11 of June, 2024
Summer Scalp Care – Because Great Hair Means Taking Care of Your Scalp Too!

Welcome to the healthy hair era, where scalp care is a must

You spend so much time styling and taking care of your hair, but what about your scalp? If 2024 hair trends are any indication, having a well-maintained scalp is critical for your crowning glory. Here’s why. If your scalp is too dry, dandruff on your scalp might flake all over your shoulders and mess up your ‘do. If your scalp is too greasy, your hair will be weighed down and hard to style.

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Unlike winter where your hair is often covered by a hat or scarf, during summer months your scalp and hair are most often exposed to the elements. Which means that summertime can be extra risky for scalp health.

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NYM hydrates and protects your scalp

You may be vigilant about applying sunscreen to your face, arms, and other exposed skin, but what about sun protection for your scalp?

We rounded up some Not Your Mother’s products that will help you take the best possible care of your scalp and hair this summer. In case you’re wondering, yes, we do have SPF for your scalp and hair!

  • Start with NYM Balancing Act Scalp AHA Exfoliant. You know how gnarly your toes and feet can become after wearing sandals for a few months? Well, your scalp might feel clogged from sweat, chlorine, and product. This exfoliant gently removes flakes, excess sebum and product buildup. It also helps balance your scalp microbiome so both flakiness and dryness are improved for the long term.

How to use: Section dry or damp hair and apply treatment directly to your scalp. Lightly massage and leave in for about 3 to five minutes before rinsing.

How to use: Wet your hair and work some product in until you’ve created a lather. After washing rinse thoroughly.

Up next NYM Balancing Act Scalp Serum. You’ve probably been using serum as part of your skincare routine to soothe and soften your skin. Our scalp serum acts similarly to hydrate, relieve dryness itchiness, flaking and redness. Once these irritants are out of the way, your scalp can find a natural balance for its protective barrier. And that means even healthier hair!

How to use: Since the product can tingle when applied, start off by using only ¼ of a dropper of serum and then build up to ¾ of a dropper. Apply serum directly to dry or towel dry scalp. Massage gently into your scalp. Be sure not to use your nails or you could injure the skin. While you’re at it, don’t use on broken skin!

To top it all off (literally) be sure to use Beach Babe Scalp and Hair Mist. We’re pretty proud of the fact that like all Not Your Mother’s products, both the Balancing Act and Beach Babe lines are vegan, cruelty free, sulfate surfactant free, paraben free, silicone free and drying alcohol free. But we added an extra feature to the Beach Babe mist – it also has SPF 30 in it to protect your hair and scalp. You can apply liberally and not worry about your hair being weighed down or any white residue.

How to use: After your initial spritz, you can reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or even after towel drying. For the best results, apply at least every two hours.

Some other ways to keep your summer scalp fresh:

  • Consider wearing a sweat-wicking headband if you plan on playing sports or spending a lot of time at the beach.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed but breathable hat so that you don’t trap heat and sweat on your scalp
  • Try to wear your hair up during the day at least to keep scalp from sweating too much
Summer Scalp Care – Because Great Hair Means Taking Care of Your Scalp Too!

Don’t Sweat It. Summer Scalp Care Tips & Tricks

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Summer Scalp Care – Because Great Hair Means Taking Care of Your Scalp Too!