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Rice Water & Himalayan Moringa

Shampoo $8.99

Superior Strength

Strength and shine are always on our minds. Not Your Mother’s Rice Water and Himalayan Moringa Shampoo gently cleanses hair without any harsh chemicals.  Our protein rich, rice water infused shampoo works to build your hair’s strength and give it the ultimate shine.

  • Silicone Free
  • Naturally Derived
  • With Protein
  • Strengthen
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Build in strength and shine with our protein-rich formula

  • Gently cleanses
  • Stronger and shinier hair
  • High moisture
  • High protein
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • For all hair types
  • Floral moringa scent

How to use

Stronger, Shinier Hair with Rice Water & Himalayan Moringa Superior Strength Collection
This shampoo smells fantastic. It left my hair clean but not stripped. My hair felt strong and hydrated. I really like this scent and the fact that it’s 98% naturally derived. Will definitely purchase again.
This shampoo lathers up nicely and the smell is not overpowering but still a great scent. In combination with the conditioner my hair feels great. I love how it is natural with no harsh chemicals. My hair has never felt stronger.
I loved using this shampoo! It was super lightweight and my hair felt clean afterwards. My hair dried very nicely after using this shampoo. The bottle with the pump is a huge plus. I would use this again!

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