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NYM Kids

2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner $6.99

Daily Care
More care for their hair and more time to spare with Not Your Mother’s 2-in-1 kids shampoo and conditioner. It gently cleanses to remove dirt and environmental pollutants from the scalp and hair, while delivering essential moisture to help unlock tangles and knots. The dermatologist-tested, tear-free formula is made with 98% naturally derived ingredients.
  • 98% Naturally Derived
  • tear-free Tear-Free
  • allergen free Allergen Free
  • dermatologist tested Dermatologist Tested
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Their wash routine is all rolled into one with this 2-in-1 gentle kids shampoo and conditioner that’s all convenience and no compromise.

Formulated with a dermatologist tested, tear-free formula that’s made with safe, 98% naturally derived ingredients for a gentle experience that delivers real results. 

  • Gently cleanses and conditions in one simple step
  • Creates effortlessly manageable hair 
  • Softens and smooths 
  • Unlocks tangles and knots 
  • Enhances shine 
  • No tears formula and dermatologist tested 
  • For all hair types 
  • Zesty apple scent 

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