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Plump for Joy

Max Body Foam Conditioner $9.99


Big hair gets a softer touch with Not Your Mother’s light-as-air Volumizing Foam Conditioner that delivers weightless moisture for maximum body. The transformative foam evenly distributes, detangling as it goes, which means a little goes a long way for your newly lifted locks that are softer, shinier and never weighed down.

  • comfort hold Comfort Hold
  • full body Full Body
  • unique foam texture Unique Foam Texture
  • weightless moisture Weightless Moisture
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Weightless volume you always see and never feel

Formulated with a transformative foam, this conditioner delivers lightweight hydration for a weightless lift of your locks.

  • Transformative foam 
  • Light-as-air conditioner
  • Volumizing + Lifting
  • Maximum body  
  • Lightweight hydration without weighing down your hair 
  • Evenly distributes into hair 
  • Detangles  
  • Weightless moisture 
  • Best for flat, lifeless hair and for all hair types
  • Sparkling orange mango scent

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