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Combat Humidity and Keep Your Blowout Looking Fabulous

12 of June, 2024
Combat Humidity and Keep Your Blowout Looking Fabulous

Summer humidity makes everything wilt, but your hairstyle doesn’t have to

You have so many fine qualities, but perfect summer hair isn’t one of them. I’m sorry for stating the obvious, but remember your 6th-grade class pic with your sparkling braces and frizzed-out hair? I do. And because I am your wise and wonderful older sister, I want to make sure it never (ever) happens to you again.

Summer is full of fun things to do – We’ll help you to look better doing all the things!

Whether you’re heading to a summer wedding, backyard party, or a schmancy work event, the summer heat can make you look and feel wilted. As a Florida-based company Not Your Mother’s deals with humidity daily. NYM has learned to tackle even the sweatiest days and still look perfect. And because NYM likes to share the good stuff, they created products that make it easy to keep even your complicated blowout looking fabulous.

Choose the right anti-frizz products

Here’s a tip – using the right products on even the toughest-to-manage hair will produce amazing results. Wait, did you think my hair was naturally perfect? I’m honored. But I owe my hair perfection to NYM products. It can take a bit of work to look this effortlessly amazing.

In case you’re wondering, all Not Your Mother’s products are vegan, cruelty free, sulfate surfactant free, paraben free, silicone free and drying alcohol free.

And lucky you, I’m about to share some of my faves with you to help you tame flyaways and combat humidity for healthy hair with long-lasting styles that will get admiring looks all summer long.

  • For added volume, try She’s a Tease Hairspray. You know those people who go for a blowout and keep their volume all week? Here’s a secret, they’re probably using this spray. I love the way it adds volume (and body) while holding the style.

Styling tip: Spray a bit on a rounded brush and gently brush through bangs and longer whisps to create gentle face-framing waves. Oh, what the heck. Spray at the roots of your hair for masses of volume.

  • For extra smoothness NYM’s Smooth Moves 7 Second Magic Hair Rinse is a must-have. While you stopped believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy long ago, I know that you (not so secretly) still believe in magic. That’s helpful since this instant shine hair rinse definitely feels like there’s some hair alchemy going on. Use this after shampooing any time you want softer, smoother, and shinier hair.

Styling tip: Work through your ponytail before a day at the beach, to prevent hair from drying out in the first place.

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Tame your tresses with Not Your Mother’s All Eyes on Me 3-In-1 Wax Stick. If your hair starts to floof out in the middle of the day or you find yourself with lots of flyaways, you should probably pack this in your beach bag. Simply wax on (I know you get the Cobra Kai reference!) to smooth flyways and baby hairs. It’s small enough to take with you to events (and pretty much everywhere).  

 Styling tip: Use your fingers to warm up the product and then dab onto the areas that tend to be the most flyaway. Use a bit extra on the ends to add weight to your bangs.

Solve all your hair problems with Not Your Mother’s All Eyes on Me 10-In-1 Hair Perfector. Like your bestie/big sis, this product solves all your problems for you. From controlling frizz to detangling, moisturizing, and adding silkiness and softness, this product does it all. Did I mention that it even protects hair while heat styling up to 450-degree heat?

Styling tip: I’ll be honest, I don’t think you need one for this product! Your hair will be automatically improved and better looking. What more can you ask for?

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Whether you’re working on achieving the perfect blowout or keeping your hair summer fierce and fabulous, it’s a trial-and-error experience. And let’s be honest for a minute, flaws in our hair are also natural. So your extra coils or great big curls when you were trying for sleek and straight are just fine. And so are you, no matter what your hair looks like.

Remember, we aren’t perfect, but our hair can be!

X’s and O’s from your big sis 

Combat Humidity and Keep Your Blowout Looking Fabulous

What Frizz? NYM Has Tips (and Products!) To Keep Your Hairstyle Looking Smooth All Summer

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Combat Humidity and Keep Your Blowout Looking Fabulous