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Curl Talk

Bond Building Conditioner $8.99


Enhance the health of your curls with Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Bond Building Conditioner, a silicone-free conditioner that gives you deep hydration and moisture retention while delivering bond repair power for less breakage, fewer split ends, and controlled frizz. You know what that means: curls with more definition, shine and strength.

  • With Protein
  • for all curl types For All Curl Types
  • bonding technology Bonding Technology
  • Strengthens
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Keep your curls healthy and shiny

Formulated with Dual Action Curl Power Complex – a blend of rice amino acids with a natural, high-performing bond multiplier helping to repair damaged hair bonds for greater curl retention and manageability.

  • Helps to strengthen and repair damaged hair bonds
  • Hydrates dry curls, giving them bounce
  • Frizz control
  • Contains protein to support healthy hair
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • For all curly hair types
  • Refreshing citrus and jasmine scent

Bond Building Conditioner
I am just as impressed with the Bond Building conditioner as I am the shampoo . I can run my fingers through my hair without getting tangled in a knot. Bring your curls back to life highly recommended following with the Mask
Bond Building Conditioner
If you want your hair to be softer, fully moisturized, and smelling amazing, this product is for you! Whether you have curls or not! For those with curly hair, you will not be disappointed. The conditioner does an amazing job trapping moisture in. Your curls won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend!