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Curl Talk

Bond Building Mask $8.99

Intense Hydration

Your curls are about to make their comeback with Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Bond Building Mask, a long-lasting, silicone-free hair mask that helps to deliver even damaged curls to their most vibrant state. It seals in essential moisture to add strength and defend against breakage so you can see, and feel, visibly shinier, softer, healthier curls.

  • With Protein
  • for all curl types For All Curl Types
  • bonding technology Bonding Technology
  • Strengthens
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Seal in moisture for revived curls

Formulated with Triple Action Curl Power Complex– combines rice amino acids with a natural bond multiplier, and a moisture-lock ingredient for the ultimate cuticle bond building, strength and moisture retention.

  • Adds strength and defends against breakage
  • Helps to repair stressed hair cuticles 
  • Seals in moisture
  • Amplifies softness
  • Frizz control
  • Contains protein to support healthy hair
  • Safe for color-treated hair 
  • For all curly hair types
  • Refreshing citrus and jasmine scent
Bond Building Mask
Usually I’m really picky but I actually love what this mask does to my hair. It really makes my curls nice and bouncy- they look super refreshed, healthy and hydrated. I’m usually hesitant to wear my hair curly because of how brittle and dry it looks but again, I absolutely love this mask recommended for all my curly headed cuties!
Bond Building Mask
I love this hair mask! It gave me curls so much volume and moisture! My hair looks so healthy and bouncy! I absolutely love this mask because it has been helping my hair look less dry and also more curly and bouncy