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Blonde, Brunette, Purple, or Pink – Keep Your Colored Hair Vibrant for Spring

03 of April, 2024
Blonde, Brunette, Purple, or Pink – Keep Your Colored Hair Vibrant for Spring

Don’t wash out your expensive color

Spring hair trends run the gamut from the Mob Wife aesthetic to a chic side part. And color, vibrant beautiful hair color is a huge trend this season. And whether you use semi-permanent color to enhance shine, or hair dye to add a little extra to your ‘do, you’ll want to keep that color for as long as possible.

No matter your hair color, it’s important to protect and pamper your tresses to keep color beautiful until your next salon visit. But it can be a pricey prospect to keep up month after month after month. And let’s face it, there’s nothing as sad as leaving the salon with the perfect color only to have it disappear with the first wash day.

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Keeping blonde the blondest possible

One easy way to keep your vibrant hair color is by using products geared to your chosen hair color. For instance, purple shampoo isn’t for purple hair, it’s for (every single shade of) blonde hair.

If your hair needs a bit more zing, we really love the way Blonde Moment Purple Mask peps up even the most parched looking highlighted or blonde hair. It also neutralizes brassiness in a single use while delivering intensive nourishment to dry, damaged strands.

Add more color to your life

Another way to have fun with color is by experimenting with different shades, or even mixing up a custom color of your own. And NYM just made things easier.

Not Your Mother’s Love for Hue Semi-Permanent Color Cream creates vibrant color on any texture hair. It’s also ammonia and peroxide free and safe for natural or color treated hair.

If you’re not sure which shade to choose, we have a super fun virtual try-on feature on our website. You’ll be able to decide whether you’re a Cherry Kiss or more Sapphire Sass. 

Mix it up

You can also mix colors in the Love for Hue collection to achieve the perfect hue for you. Did we mention that every item in the Love for Hue collection is both ammonia free and peroxide free?

Worth noting, when you mix Cherry Kiss and Copper Blaze you’ll use different proportions than with other combos. For this mix, you’ll use 3 parts Copper Blaze and 1 part Cherry Kiss. Since Cherry Kiss is such a dark shade and is more pigmented, it takes more of the lighter color (Copper Blaze) to make an impact. The result is more of yellow/copper red color.

For all of our other shades and color mixes, you’ll use an equal 1:1 to ratio. 

Go natural 

If you’re wondering about the best shampoo brands for color treated hair, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. Since highlights or color can sometimes strip hair, you want to look for a moisturizing shampoo when possible.

Not Your Mother’s Naturals Collection is safe for natural and color treated hair. And like all of our products, the Naturals Collection is sulfate surfactant free, paraben free and cruelty free. 

Ready to shop for shampoo and conditioner? All shampoos and conditioners in the Natural collection are color-safe to sustain colored treated hair for longer.

Vacation vibes:

Coconut Milk & Agave Nectar Conditioner. When you need a little bit of vacation inspo in your daily life, start out with coconut milk shampoo. But it’s the conditioner that will help restore moisture while also detangling and adding extra shine. As for harsh chemicals, you won’t find them anywhere in the Naturals collection. Speaking of which, have you ever taken a deep sniff of Tahitian Gardenia?

We’re pretty sure that once you smell the heavenly scent of our Tahitian Gardenia  Flower and Mango Butter collection, you won’t want to use anything else. While we highly recommend the shampoo and conditioner, the combing cream helps keep natural curls looking extra amazing, even if you’ve highlighted or colored your curls or coils.

Blonde, Brunette, Purple, or Pink – Keep Your Colored Hair Vibrant for Spring

Keeping Colored Hair Vibrant for Spring

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Blonde, Brunette, Purple, or Pink – Keep Your Colored Hair Vibrant for Spring