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The Clean Girl Aesthetic gives way to everything Mob Wife

07 of March, 2024
The Clean Girl Aesthetic gives way to everything Mob Wife

Move over Clean Girl Aesthetic, Mob Wife Aesthetic has joined the chat

We love a good trend, and for the past few years have been all about the Clean Girl aesthetic in a big way. Well, maybe in an elegant and understudied way.

In case you’re unfamiliar with everything “clean girl,” we’ll give you a quick lesson. The clean girl kept things pared down. From hair to makeup to skincare to clothing, shoes, and accessories, the clean girl aesthetic celebrated minimalism. And it worked for a long time as a trend that almost everybody embraced. With the 25th anniversary of HBO's classic show The Sopranos, everything “mob wife” is now trending. And 2024 hair is going to pay homage to the mob wife look in a big way.

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If we had to give the mob wife aesthetic another nickname, it might be Carmelacore, in celebration of Carmela Soprano (played by Edie Falco) wife of mob boss Tony Soprano. If TikTok trends are any indication, mob wife is all about excess, with big hair, lots of (fake) fur, long nails, and bling for days. And in case you think this is a fad without merit, Francis Ford Coppola – director of The Godfather, the OG mobster movie – posted on Instagram in January “I hear the ‘mob wife aesthetic is making a comeback.”

TBH, we love both these aesthetics

If the clean girl embodies trends like quiet luxury and coastal grandma, the mob wife is the exact opposite. And if 2024 trends are anything to go by, this year’s hair will celebrate both.

Ready to style your hair like a classic clean girl or a luscious mob wife with maximum volume hair? Or you can always switch between the two depending on your mood!

Clean Girl Aesthetic styling products and tips

One of the reasons the clean girl aesthetic will always remain a classic is because it’s an easy look to maintain and flatters almost every face.

Not Your Mother’s recommends these products to perfect your clean girl look:

  • Perfect hair all day long. A few spritzes of All Eyes On Me Hair Perfector will help you manage even unruly hair. It also controls frizz, detangles, moisturizes and keeps hair protected from heat styling. Simply spray on clean, damp hair (avoiding roots) and distribute product evenly and style as desired. Easy, peasy, clean girl style.
  • Tame flyaways. Nothing ruins a perfect look like flyaways covering your face or ruining your otherwise perfect look. We love the way that All Eyes On Me 3-in-1 Wax Stick helps to create slicked-back style while also keeping flyaways away from your face. While this is a perfect styling tool, this easy-to-use wax stick will also help you to touch up your hair after school or work.
  • Show off your smooth moves. If clean girls know anything, it’s that soft, shiny hair is always in style. NYM Smooth Moves Hair Shine Serum weightlessly nourishes and softens hair while mending split ends.

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Mob Wife tips and tricks:

If you’ve ever wondered about how TV and movie mob wives make sure they stand out from the crowd, it’s usually because they have tons of volume in their hair. You can too.

  • Plump up the volume. If your hair is looking a bit flat, we recommend trying one of Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy thickening or lifting products at the roots of your hair. Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter, Plump For Joy Root Powder, and Plump For Joy Dry Shampoo can be used on their own…or all together depending on just how much volume you’d like to create!
  • Foam instead of FOMO. If you love the look of big hair but aren’t sure how to achieve it, a little mousse can go a long way. Plump For Joy Mousse instantly adds touchable body to your hair without any stickiness.
  • Volume to the max. While we always encourage you to have fun and mix up the products, when trying to create a specific look it often helps to use products in the same collection. Plump For Joy Max Body Foam Shampoo starts the volumizing process when you wash your hair. Its unique formula also means that shampoo is distributed evenly to every strand. Follow with Plump For Joy Max Body Foam Conditioner to keep hair soft and shiny but never weighed down.

Whether you’re ready to unleash your inner mob wife or clean girl, you’ll be happy to know that all Not Your Mother’s products are cruelty free, sulfate surfactant free, paraben free, silicone free and drying alcohol free.


The Clean Girl Aesthetic gives way to everything Mob Wife

Move Over Clean Girl Aesthetic, Mob Wife Aesthetic is now Trending

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The Clean Girl Aesthetic gives way to everything Mob Wife