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The Benefits of Rice Water in Your Hair Care Routine

28 of March, 2022
The Benefits of Rice Water in Your Hair Care Routine
What is rice water? 

You may have seen one of the latest hairtok trends on TikTok touting the strengthening benefits of rice water, but the use of rice within personal care dates back to ancient times in Japan. Rice water is obtained by soaking rice (yes, the kind from your pantry!) in water for an extended period of time. As the rice soaks, the water turns a milky, off-white color and a chemical reaction known as fermentation takes place. As this process continues, various proteins, nutrients, and minerals are introduced to the water. We gathered inspiration and carefully crafted the formulas within our Rice Water and Himalayan Moringa line to contain rice protein – the powerhouse of those DIY rice water solutions – within non-drying, moisture packed formulations that are more stable, easy to incorporate, and won’t smell like fermented water.

How does rice water benefit your hair? 

Proteins in haircare can be classified as film-formers. In essence, this means that they aid in restoring hair integrity and strength by forming a lightweight, permeable film on the cuticle of damaged hair. Various proteins have different benefits, with rice protein providing exceptionally awesome results when it comes to shine and strength. Rice protein also contains several amino acids. All three formulas within the Rice Water and Himalayan Moringa line are formulated to contain hydrolyzed rice protein! Hair is left feeling vibrant and shiny without all those harsh chemicals.

Rice Water & Himalayan Moringa
    When and how often should I use this? 

    Depending on your hairs overall condition and level of damage, this line can be used as often as every wash day. While every porosity and hair type will benefit from incorporating this into their routine, it is designed to work best on higher porosity (AKA drier, more damaged) hair. Not wanting to use protein for every wash? We’d suggest rotating the Rice Water and Himalayan Moringa line into your routine every other wash day. Because we’ve formulated the line to be high in both moisture and protein, you won’t have to worry about protein or moisture overload! Strength and shine are always on our minds.

    How is this different than DIY?

    DIY projects take time, and results may vary each time you make something yourself. We’ve formulated the Rice Water and Himalayan Moringa line so you can reap the benefits of a DIY without the hassle or mess. You can also use the product any time your hair needs – instead of having to plan ahead to make your own rice water solution. The formulas in this line contain the proteins and other ingredients necessary to take your hair game to the next level while achieving the hard-to-master protein-moisture balance… and do so without that notable fermented rice odor. Your hair will thank you!

    Ready to start your journey to stronger, shinier hair? Try implementing these three carefully-crafted products into your routine:
    • Superior Strength Shampoo – Formulated with a fortifying blend of rice water and moringa, this Superior Strength shampoo will reinvigorate your hair with every wash, turning tired locks into a resilient and vibrant head of hair.
    • Superior Strength Conditioner - Formulated with a blend of rice water and moringa, this Superior Strength conditioner is the perfect balance of protein and moisture. It reimagines what’s possible in your everyday wash routine by helping to build resilience and vibrancy, while giving your hair the conditioning that it needs.
    • Superior Strength Protein Rinse - A nourishing protein treatment that leaves locks noticeably more healthy and vibrant. And, since it packs the most protein of all the members of the Superior Strength Collection, this rinse provides the ultimate boost for building hair strength.
    The Benefits of Rice Water in Your Hair Care Routine

    Three steps to stronger, shinier hair

    Made with naturally powerful ingredients to help cleanse, condition, and nourish

    Explore Rice Water & Himalayan Moringa Now
    The Benefits of Rice Water in Your Hair Care Routine