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Blonde Moment

Purple Conditioner $8.99


Maintain brighter, stronger, softer lightened tones with Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Tone & Repair Purple Conditioner. This dual action purple conditioner gently tones and maintains brass-free hair with pastel violet pigments while Bonding Technology repairs and strengthens. All you're left with is visibly vibrant, stronger hair on the regular.

  • Fights Brass
  • bonding technology Bonding Technology
  • Strengthens
  • Moisturizes
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Maintain & Repair Your Lightened Tones

Formulated with Bonding Technology, a natural, vegan blend that helps to support and add strength to even chemically damaged hair.

  • 2-in-1 Toning & Bonding Formula Brightens & Strengthens Lightened Tones With Each Condition
  • Pastel violet pigments gently tone to help keep brass at bay and maintain lightened tones. Safe for daily use.
  • Bonding Technology Strengthens Hair & Smooths Lifted Cuticles for Smoother, Shinier Hair
  • Formulated with quinoa to aid in color retention
  • For natural and color-treated blondes and silver hair or light to medium toned brunettes with lightened hues (balayage, highlights, lowlights, ombré and more)
  • Sweet and sunny floral scent

How to Use

Purple Conditioner
Maintenance for platinum blondes is hard. You have to constantly tone your hair to avoid brassy yellows from contaminating your otherwise perfect white blonde color. I used tube after tube of the Blonde Moment conditioner while I was between treatments, and let me tell you, I think this conditioner saved me not only time in the chair but money too! I was able to go much longer between bleach/tone sessions when I was using this product. I recommend it to all my blonde friends.

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