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Not Your Mother's is a state of mind, bold, different and always evolving. We celebrate all of our differences and create high quality, salon inspired, clean haircare products for all generations.

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“After a final mist of texturizing spray, she adds Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry that [Hailey Bieber's] soft waves look just as beautiful the next day”

“A can of refreshing Not Your Mother's dry shampoo spray for relying on this holy grail hair care product to refresh your mane. Perfect for all hair types, it absorbs excess oils and offers a fresh linen scent that adds a chic touch to your mane.”

"You don’t have to spend major dough to keep your color looking fresh and cool"

“Not Your Mother’s strives to create salon-quality products — without the salon price tag”

My hair picked up and reflected the light better than it had before… I'll definitely be working Lamellar Water into my monthly treatment rotation

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All the hair care tips and tricks.

Combat Humidity and Keep Your Blowout Looking Fabulous

Whether you’re heading to a summer wedding, backyard party, or a schmancy work event, the summer heat can make you...

Summer Scalp Care – Because Great Hair Means Taking Care of Your Scalp Too!

You spend so much time styling and taking care of your hair, but what about your scalp? If 2024 hair...

Big. Bigger. Best Hair Yet.

What is it about great big poufy hair that makes you feel glam, no matter what you’re wearing? Hair trends...

Grad Styles for Under the Cap: Hair Hacks from Your Virtual Big Sister

Graduation caps aren’t necessarily flattering, but they do make a really great point. You. Are. Graduating! Now all you have...

April Showers: Wash Day Tips

Whether the damp weather causes your hair to frizz or flop, it can really put a damper on your mood...

Blonde, Brunette, Purple, or Pink – Keep Your Colored Hair Vibrant for Spring

No matter your hair color, it’s important to protect and pamper your tresses to keep color beautiful until your next...

Dump Your Dupe: Not Your Mother’s Distinctive Technology Repairs and Beautifies

Move over complicated bonding treatments, Tough Love does it better and faster It seems like everywhere you look someone is...

Is the Side Part Making a Comeback? Over 2,100 of You Think So!

Love the look of a side part? You’re in good company. NYM fans on Instagram participated in our recent poll...

The Clean Girl Aesthetic gives way to everything Mob Wife

In case you’re unfamiliar with everything “clean girl,” we’ll give you a quick lesson. The clean girl kept things pared...

Curl Talk 101: Getting to Know Your Curls and the Journey to Curl Equality

When it comes to curls, not all curl types have been treated equally. In fact, textured curls and coils have...

From Scalp Health to Big Blowouts – Hair Trends for 2024

Resolutions? What resolutions? When the year is brand new and shiny, it’s easy to make all kinds of New Year’s...

Kylie Jenner Rocks Bedhead Waves. You can too.

For billionaire reality TV star Kylie Jenner, dating everyone’s internet boyfriend Timothee Chalamet, comes with a lot of pressure. After...

Balancing act: How to care for and protect your scalp microbiome

The scalp microbiome keeps both your scalp and hair healthy. And there are different types of (non-gross) bacteria that might...

Long-lasting volume and fuller hair? Yes, please!

During colder weather it can be easy to disguise bad hair days. Oily roots? Grab a baseball cap and you...

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Protection

A heat-styling cautionary tale (true story!) If you love the way your hair looks when it’s freshly styled, but hate...

Be a Beach Babe Year-Round

Beachy good looks no matter the weather The weather outside is frightful, but your hair really looks delightful. As you...

Extra Volume and Hold for Holiday Hair

Holiday Hair 101: Hint – there will be volume Whether you choose to wear a sparkly gold dress or toned-down...

Perfecting and Protecting Your Hair While Your Sleep

While you were sleeping (your hair got a makeover) We’ve all heard the expression beauty sleep, but did you know...

Give Your Curls some Extra Lovin’ with NYM’s New Curl Talk Stylers

Curl Power We absolutely love the way that curls are back in a big way. From loose ringlets to tight...

Styling your hair with dry shampoo…who knew?

Back to gorgeous By now you’ve probably settled into your cute-for-school beauty and hair routine…or have you? Whether you’re in...

Should you be Slugging? We Took a Deep Dive into TikTok’s Favorite Trend

Even though hair slugging has taken TikTok and the rest of social media by storm, the newest haircare trend isn’t...

Going Natural? A Guide to Find Your Perfect Match

Our hair experts came up with this guide to help you understand all the products in our Naturals line. Sure,...

Keep Your Color Looking Salon Fresh with Blonde Moment

To make it easier to keep blonde hair looking shiny and fantastic while avoiding brassiness, we created an everything blonde tutorial.

Tough Love: From Damaged Hair to Instant Repair

Meet Not Your Mother’s Bonding Line: Tough LoveYou’ve probably been hearing about bond building, bond maintenance, and bond repair products...

Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture This Summer

Whether you’re a curly girl, work your coils, or have pin-straight hair, this summer is all about embracing your natural...

Blunt Bobs + Structured Shags

After years of straightened tresses, hair is all about texture this season. But first, what’s a blunt bob or a structured...

Why You Should Be Using Bond Building Products

Get to Know Curl Talk Bond Building Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask

Beach Bag Essentials for Spring Break

Heading to the beach for Spring Break? We Have ALL the Ideas for Great Hair!

Galentine’s Day Hairstyles You’ll Love

Celebrate Galentine’s Day this Year…With Great Hair!

Fa-La-La-La-Va-Va-Va Volume is where it’s at this holiday season!

Check out products for going all-out glam or bit more subtle style this holiday season.

NYM Gift Guide: Our Top Sellers to Gift Yourself or Your Loved Ones

Treat your loved ones to something you know they’ll love and use.

Post-summer hair in need of repair? Curl Talk's avocado oil to the rescue!

Avocado, Buriti, and Marula are the power trio of nourishing oils you need after a long summer in the sun.

7 Things You Need to Know About Heat Protectant

Heat protectant for hair can help protect your beautiful styles! Read on to learn why

What is hair porosity and why does it matter?

Everything you need to know about hair porosity and how to find the right products for your hair porosity

6 Spring Hair Trends You'll Want to Try

From chic bobs to big, bouncy blowouts, here are 6 of spring's most popular styles from a hairstylist.

The Benefits of Rice Water in Your Hair Care Routine

Want to know why rice water went viral? Read on for all the benefits!

Curly Hair 101: Identifying and Styling Different Curl Patterns

New to caring for your curls?  Look no further for an expert's tips and tricks!

Mix it Up: How to Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Hair Type

Ever wonder which shampoo and conditioner duo is right for you? One of our experts has a few tips on...

5 Steps to Achieving Glass Hair at Home

Get salon-smooth hair at home with this easy DIY glass hair tutorial

Lamellar Water is the Hair Treatment You Need Right Now

The how-to on instantly shiny, glossy hair using lamellar water technology

No Stress Styling Tips and Other Quick Hair Hacks

We gathered some fun and easy hair hacks from our very own team members to speed up your hair care...

Date Night Hair Ideas (Even If You Aren’t Going Out)

Need a little date night hair inspiration? Look no further! Try these easy, affordable hacks for the perfect romantic style.

You're Already a Queen Bee! Now Try Honey in Your Hair Care

Honey is a modern-day must have for moisturizing dry hair and improving the look of damaged hair

Beautiful Bangs Every Single Time

More bangs for your buck: Style a perfect fringe without spending a fortune with these tips on how to care...

Protect your hair and scalp from winter weather (hint: deep conditioning is your friend!)

Cold weather getting you down? Try these winter haircare tips to pamper your hair!

The Real Deal on Leave In Conditioners

What is a leave in conditioner actually designed to do? Let's find out from our in-house chemist, Madison Keene.

Blue Shampoo: A Brunette’s Best Friend

What does blue shampoo do? Here's everything you need to know from our in-house Chemist, Madison.

How to Use Sea Salt Sprays for Beautiful, Beachy waves

Wave hello to beachy hair. Even though you may not be able to spend every day in the sand and...

Everything You Need to Know About Dry Shampoo

What is dry shampoo and how does it work? Madison Keene, NYM In-House Chemist explains everything you need to know. 

The scoop on purple shampoo. What it is, how it works and why you need it.

What does purple shampoo do? Here's the rundown from our in-house Chemist and resident blonde, Madison.